Satya Analytics reveals the hidden insights behind purchasing decisions and behavior

We provide the most powerful market, product, and consumer analysis to keep up with rapidly changing industries and give you a competitive advantage. Using proprietary and groundbreaking algorithms with billions of data points from millions of consumers, Satya Analytics gets to the “Why”, revealing key emotional and psychographic motivators that drive purchasing decisions and behavior.

We complete the data puzzle with insights that assess Total Addressable Market and Product Market Fit, optimize marketing, and boost the effectiveness of surveys. We do all this by creating profiles that identify your product’s attributes and target markets. Then we take these profiles and add our Dynamic Consumer Personas using current real-world data to segment your market based on interests, sentiment, psychographics, behaviors, and communication style. Contact us today and find out how we help you manage investment risk or transform your marketing and increase your ROI.

Satya Analytics™ is different - Getting to the “Why?”

Satya’s analysis of emotional and psychological dimensions delivers new levels of customer understanding to manage investment risk, design compelling experiences, and create highly engaging content:

  • Billions of data points from millions of anonymized individuals found on a wide range of social media, blogs, forums, and specialized sites.
  • Proprietary context aware algorithms with embedded industry specific knowledge that accurately link sentiment and emotion to thousands detailed topics instead of creating a meaningless data soup.
  • Trend analysis that tracks individual people changing opinions rather than unreliable aggregated sentiment.
  • The Emotionality Index℠ that exposes multiple emotional dimensions, social dynamics, attitudes to risk and change, decision making, and communication preferences.
  • Dynamic Personas℠ that create current real-world pictures of consumer preferences and behaviors such as product adoption.
  • Tools to pinpoint custom audiences such as last-minute buyers, early adopters, or brand loyalists and, for the first time, target your ad dollars precisely.
  • Complementary or crossover interests that reveal adjacent markets and underexploited features.
  • Insights to define effective survey questions.
Products and Services

Satya integrates with and enhances your existing marketing information investments to increase ROI:

  • Market sizing and Product Market Fit analysis.
  • Marketing strategy support including product profiling, custom Dynamic Personas℠, industry trend analysis, and identifying untapped markets.
  • Social Media and Web content optimization and audience targeting using the Emotionality Index℠.
  • Customer experience design.
  • Enhanced comp set analysis.
  • Survey scoping and results analysis.
  • Brand and product monitoring.
  • Operational data integration and analysis including predictive analytics development.
  • Fractional/interim Chief Data Officer (CDO) services

Social Media posts aligned with Satya Analytic’s Dynamic Traveler Personas℠ generate up to 20x higher engagement rates
than content that doesn’t resonate with customers.

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