A breakthrough political algorithm that accurately analyzes sentiment unsentimentally

Introducing Satya, an advanced sentiment analysis specifically designed to deliver an accurate, unbiased, and objective view of voter attitudes. Satya, which means “truth” in Sanskrit and defines our purpose, goes far beyond sentiment by parsing out the true intention behind a voter’s opinion. Now, voter sentiment can be provided impartially, with a higher level of predictive accuracy than ever before.



Satya’s proprietary sentiment analysis will:

  • Monitor voter reaction to events, policies, and candidate statements.
  • Track overall sentiment trends and positions as individual voters change their opinions
  • Analyze voter reaction to political opponents
  • Discover hidden patterns, unknowns, and get in front of emerging issues.
  • Quickly identify and counter misinformation campaigns.
  • Help refine messaging.
  • Correlate voter sentiment with polls to validate their accuracy.

Why choose Satya?

  • Accurately extract sentiment toward a wide range of topics with over 80% accuracy, compared with 60% for IBM’s Watson
  • Take into account the context of online conversations and a writer’s political leaning so comments, disagreements, and irony can be factored.
  • Measure sentiment in dimensions such as trust/distrust, fear/ acceptance, allowing estimation of voter intention and voter turnout.
  • Identify and curate the most relevant and impactful data sources using search technology 20 times more effective than Google or Bing.
  • Provide broader subject coverage, better reach, more frequent data points, and lower costs than focus groups
  • Track reach of opinions beyond social media by analyzing the entire Web presence of influencers
  • Protect privacy by only using public information and anonymizing any information that identifies individual voters.