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November 30, 2021 - November 29, 2021 - Tourism Alchemy™ Launches Dynamic Personas℠ for Improved Market Effectiveness

The key to increased engagement, conversion and higher ROI.

Tourism Alchemy has announced their new offering of Dynamic Personas℠. Based on the use of persona clusters common in marketing research, Dynamic Personas℠ take the concept of personas to a deeper and increasingly more valuable level.

February 18, 2021 - Tourism Alchemy™ Releases Destination Use Case
Demonstrating the Value of the Emotionality Index℠

NextGen Methodology Transforms Emotional Data Into Actionable Initiatives.

Tourism Alchemy (a division of Satya Analytics’ Alchemy group) has released its first use case using it’s highly anticipated Emotionality Index℠. The Emotionality Index℠ uses definable cohorts to track group behaviors at the micro segment level, making it an easier and more reliable study of the “Why” to travelers’ reasons and desires for travel. This study’s results are actionable making decisions around marketing budgets more effective. And after a year of uncertainty, Tourism Alchemy’s Emotionality Index℠ brings unbiased insights you can trust.

December 15, 2020 - Tourism Alchemy™ Launches the Emotionality Index℠

Bringing Deeper Actionable Insights to Tourism and Hospitality

Tourism Alchemy™ (a division of Satya Analytics Sentiment Alchemy group) has released its first use case using the highly anticipated Emotionality Index℠. The Emotionality Index℠ uses proprietary algorithms to create definable and identifiable cohorts at the micro segment level making it an easier and more reliable study of consumers key drivers and desires to travel. This study shows the ‘why’ and so gives more confidence when making decisions around engagement and ROI.

November 11, 2020 - Emotional Analysis Breakthrough in the Pandemic Age of Travel
New Insights Take Engagement to the Next Level

While not a new marketing concept, segmenting one’s high valued customers into clusters, cohorts or personas has been the cornerstone of direct marketing for decades. Simply put, these are groups of people who share common characteristics.

Micro Segmentation is a more granular form of segmentation, which aggregates smaller groups of customers into more focused segments, based on characteristics that could include demographics, psychographics, location, behavioral and transactional information. Marketers can then direct personalized messaging to each micro segment to maximize the impact.

October 19, 2020 - Micro Segmentation Trends Discovered in New COVID-19 Traveler Study

As the proprietary methodology dives deeper into the emotional triggers we see possibilities for marketers to identify and attract connected micro segments. As an example, there is an opportunity with a micro segment that combines upscale outdoor enthusiasts open to last minute offers within driving distance of the destination...

October 6, 2020 - Respected Industry Leader Wendy Kheel Joins Tourism Alchemy Advisory Board

Tourism Alchemy (a new division of Satya Analytics’ Sentiment Alchemy group) has announced the addition of Wendy Kheel to their advisory board. Wendy, the former Vice President Tourism Insights at Los Angeles Tourism and Convention Board, brings over twenty years experience to Tourism Alchemy, the NextGen Sentiment Analytics tool that is changing the face of understanding visitor and traveler insights...

September 16, 2020 - Deeper Insights show Emotional Swings in Sentiment as Tourism Businesses Cope with Potential Visitor Issues

Key findings from the latest study show that the impact on sought after local destinations experiencing a higher volume of drive market visitors due to COVID-19 travel concerns, may have them take unprecedented steps to control the strain on destinations...

September 8, 2020 - Deeper Insights on Traveler Sentiment show impact of Tourism on Local Communities with Labor Day weekend approaching

Key findings from the latest study show that, due to COVID-19, and with Labor Day looming, many trips are trending to local and regional road trips. The impact of these visitors on “sought after” local, more rural communities, requires proactive destination management. Resistance to an influx of drive market visitors is not just a COVID-19 “thing” and may signal permanent shifts in how we vacation...

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