We are single minded in our focus. No distractions. We are not an advertising or a media agency. Our success is based on how we approach our work. Satya Analytics™ provides sentiment analysis and data integration for a wide range of industries and markets. Our Emotionality Index℠ and Dynamic Personas℠ are proven to improve marketing ROI and increase Social Media engagement.

Satya Analytics integrates with and enhances your existing marketing information investments to increase ROI:

  • Marketing strategy support including product profiling, custom Dynamic Personas℠, industry trend analysis, and identifying untapped markets.
  • Social Media and Web content optimization and audience targeting using the Emotionality Index℠.
  • Customer Experience design.
  • Enhanced Comp Set Analysis.
  • Survey scoping and results analysis.
  • Brand and product monitoring.
  • Operational data integration and analysis including leading indicator development.

Our data will be based on a custom profile developed for your products, industry, destination, or recruiting needs. To integrate with your current information investments, we provide competitively priced turnkey analytical services on a project or subscription basis.