Why Satya Analytics™

In 2022 and beyond, businesses agree that information is king. But mistakes can be damaging - Starbucks and American Airlines made disastrous changes to loyalty programs because they didn’t understand the “Why” behind their customers’ behavior. It's time to grasp that rather than just buying products, customers are looking for rich experiences that are emotional and involve complementary activities. This makes understanding the “Why” essential.

Global consulting company, McKinsey, recognizes the untapped potential of emotional analysis: "Digital data-gathering and monitoring techniques—such as mobile diaries, social-media “listening,” and artificial-intelligence-driven message boards— will be vital tools to help companies understand emerging behaviors and contextual cues. When structured well, those insights generate new thinking within an organization that can be validated through larger-scale surveys and in-market testing. Companies can then refine their product offerings and marketing messages accordingly."

Why is Satya Analytics™ the go-to solution to gain deeper understanding of your customers? Deloitte conducted a study that noted results of Social Media Listening can be unreliable and misleading. Most Social Listening simply scratches the surface and, typically only including major Social Media such as Twitter without understanding context. This means that the loudest and most frequent ‘Tweeters’ representing only 2% of the population dominate the sentiment.

Satya Analytics™ Next Gen analysis of emotional and psychological dimensions delivers new levels of understanding by analyzing billions of data points from millions of people found on a wider range of social media, blogs, forums, and specialized sites to get the most accurate, detailed, comprehensive, and balanced view. Data is curated to make sure that high-volume platforms such as Twitter don’t dominate and skew the results. Plus we calibrate and validate our results with other information sources, while machine learning and smart humans continuously improve our analysis and uncover hidden insights in the data.

Satya Analytics™ proprietary algorithms are context aware and accurately link sentiment and emotion to thousands of detailed topics. Legacy sentiment analysis techniques cannot distinguish precisely what subject the sentiment refers to. This means that they combine positive and negative conversations about a variety of related and unrelated topics, creating a meaningless data soup. Our algorithms’ deep level of granularity, contextual understanding, and embedded industry expertise unlock priceless insights into consumer behavior.

The Emotionality Index℠ uncovers multiple emotional dimensions. Tracking specific emotions is critical to understanding consumer responses and levels of engagement. For example, while desire may be high for a product, distrust of a brand can block someone from buying.

Not all factors in a purchasing decision are captured by explicit sentiment. That's why the Emotionality Index℠ also tracks psychographic traits. These traits reveal more unconscious factors such as decision-making styles, social dynamics, attitudes to risk and change, communication preferences, and the likelihood of taking action. Using the Emotionality Index℠ we identify Dynamic Personas℠ by combining emotional responses, psychographic traits, and complementary interests.

Here's an example. We conducted a study that identified travelers for the owners of a luxury wellness retreat who struggled to get a high enough ranking on booking sites. Their concern was that the lower ranking impacted their ability to attract guests.

Using the Emotionality Index℠ we identified Dynamic Personas℠ interested in visiting the area. We uncovered a large group of people that found the spiritual qualities, year-round great weather and the ability for outdoor activities that included hiking and yoga combined with an interest in healthy dining. Our client acted on this insight by changing their marketing approach and created specials to attract defined groups to the villa. Within three months, the villa was fully booked.

The key to this example is that we were able to identify travelers that the retreat could engage with and respond positively to custom tone and feel messaging. By adding the “Why” factor of emotionally driven decisions, we added another important dimension to the traveler profile. It suggested that this group of travelers were passionate about features that the retreat had to offer in plenty – but had not put it together in a way that would attract visitors. Armed with these new insights, the Wellness Center changed the tone, language, and content of messaging. The success of this shift was evident as bookings increased beyond expectations

These emotional drivers aren’t found in focus groups or surveys and are sometimes impossible to find without extensive and expensive research. The Satya Analytics™ Next Gen Emotionality Index℠ uncovered these insights in weeks at a fraction of the retreat’s marketing spend.

Dynamic Personas℠ are built on current real-world data. The Emotionality Index℠ creates a comprehensive profile of the cohort's dominant psychographic traits, emotional tendencies, and sentiment toward other topics. This builds a picture of complementary interests that identify new and adjacent markets, design compelling customer experiences, and create targeted custom audiences.

A Satya Analytics™ study found that windsurfers who enjoy farm-to-table dining, micro-breweries and typically drive to reachable destinations at short notice is a Dynamic Persona℠ that can be identified and engaged with and would respond positively to a custom message that talks to these characteristics. When combined with the “Why” factor of emotionally driven decisions, you add another critical dimension to the Dynamic Persona℠. It suggests that this group is passionate about the environment, nature, sustainable and responsible tourism. This is an emotional lever that talks to the tone and language of messaging.

Legacy online sentiment analysis frequently misses underlying trends due to its reliance on inaccurate technology - the Data Soup. Satya Analytics™ uses an anonymized database of historical sentiment comprising tens of millions of consumers and thousands of topics, allowing us to track individuals changing their opinions.

Satya Analytics™ Dynamic Personas℠ amount to a massive real-time focus group with a deep dive into a comprehensive range of consumer, social, and leisure topics. But unlike a focus group or survey, individuals respond with their unfiltered truth rather than answer a limited set of predesigned questions that skew the results.

Use Satya Analytics Dynamic Personas℠ and Emotionality Index℠ to generate up to 20x higher Social Media engagement rates, create winning custom audiences, or scope surveys more effectively and validate their results – GET TO THE WHY behind the answers.

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